Using jewellery to reveal planes, attitudes, hidden places and spaces of the body, and materials that reflect the entropic change of bodies has been the continuing hallmark of  my work.

''I challenge boundaries of what defines jewellery focusing on the relationship between body, object and the absence of an object. The object is less important than the physical experience of wearing (or not wearing) it.

Recently my research has focused on film and photography, to display work. Film loops and lenticulars invite an audience to focus on isolated anatomical areas as if they are jewels in their own right. This medium challenges contemporary craft ideas, marrying craft with design. My latest sculptural installation shows new directions in my practice.

I exhibit internationally, teach at European design institutions and design for global design houses.''

In my opinion Her work is as simple as graceful. 

Naomi Filmer was one of the major inspirations that I had in my project.
The way that she co-opt the movement and pose of the human body was exactly what I wanted to do with the Beijing with the shadows.
To collect the spirit of submitting that our body does, in my case the movement of the dance (Charleston dance)


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